Agape Productions

The Terry Porter Agency is also known as Agape Productions. As president of Agape Productions, Terry Porter has been rubbing elbows with some of the top film producers and stars in Hollywood since 1990, when he became a Signatory Agent for the Writers Guild of America. His connections and years of experience help him get into the offices of some of the biggest Hollywood producers in order to shop his clients' scripts and projects.

Agape Productions in Motion

Agape Productions is the vehicle through which Mr. Terry Porter represents actors, authors, composers, musicians, producers, screenwriters and TV writers, and numerous other artists worldwide. Besides pitching screenplays, features and TV scripts to development executives and creative affairs people, as a Literary Agent, Mr. Porter helps clients get published and submits manuscripts (fiction and non-fiction) to many publishing houses. For more information about Terry Porter, his affiliations, and the services he provides, see the home page for The Terry Porter Agency.