Terry Porter Agency Endorsements

Terry Porter Screenwriter

"As a veteran magazine and newspaper feature writer, as well as the author of several nonfiction books for kids and adults, I wasn't looking to get into screenwriting when I met Terry Porter in 1996. But I now have him to thank for my emerging career as a screenwriter. It was through Terry's encouragement that I got involved in screenwriting about 5 years ago, and since then he has been a steadfast supporter as I have gained experience and understanding of both the craft and the business. Due to his production company contacts, I now have several film and TV projects in various stages of development, as well as others under consideration at major studios. This is a tough business, with no guarantees of success for anyone. But with Terry as my representative, I've had meetings with, and gotten my material read by, some influential people. He has always done what he has promised to do for me, and he has remained solidly in my corner despite setbacks along the way. The rest is a matter of timing, persistence and little luck-- no matter who your agent is or how wonderful your writing." --Skip Berry/Screenwriter

Terry Porter Writer

"Terry Porter creates possibility. He has a unique understanding of the essence of storytelling. As a writer I have found his guidance thoughtful and imaginative. While he has his feet on the ground, he is an artist at heart - an ideal mentor in the world of screenwriting. Terry knows Hollywood. Again and again he demonstrates an uncanny ability to bring together a kaleidoscope of personalities and talents, offering many of us an extraordinary look at the inside." --Sally T./Writer

Terry Porter Producer

"Terry has represented our projects and has introduced us to some of our best connections. Even more than that he has been a true friend in an industry where trust is hard to find." --Saylors Brothers/Producer

Terry Porter Author

"Terry Porter has been my WGA-w Agent since April, 1999, and has done an outstanding job representing me, and my work. I had a book published in 2005, have another book being published summer, 2007, and yet another project in the works. It's been a great working relationship. I found Terry to be an honest, considerate Christian man who is very knowledgeable in his field, and always there when I need him." --June Naugle/Author

Terry Porter is also endorsed by Movieguide: A Family Guide to Movies and Entertainment, which he himself endorses. To read the entire endorsement, see Movieguide.